What is Föreningen Sesam?

Föreningen Sesam is a Swedish non-profit association committed to preserving the diversity of kitchen garden and field plants through home-growing seeds. We turn primarily to dedicated gardeners who are interested in unusual or heritage food plants and other beneficial plants. Home-growing seeds is a reliable way to preserve favorite heirloom varieties even if they disappear from the commercial market. Sesam acts partly through individual members growing plants for seed harvest and partly through organised propagation.

The association spreads knowledge about growing seeds through courses and talks, self-organised or in cooperation with museums, institutions and other associations. Members receive advice and tips from our experts and fellow members, via our newsletter SesamNytt or personal contacts.

Föreningen Sesam is an independent association, not linked to any authority, institution or company. Our members are spread all over Sweden.

We have contact with seed banks, other preservation organisations and seed companies over the entire world for seed sharing. We also seek contact with local associations and individuals who preserve heirloom varieties in cultivation.

e-mail: medlem@foreningensesam.se

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